Diwali lighting and decor ideas

Looking for some inspiration for Diwali lighting and decor? Go through our ideas and give your home a unique festive sparkle. After all, Diwali is the festival of lights.

Floating arrangements

Float scented rose candles such as these to create the perfect backdrop for a festive evening.

Cluster floating candles and flowers in glass vases or bowls and use it as a center-piece for your dining table. If you have a brass urli, create a show-stopping display at your entryway by floating a couple of aromatic candles and flower petals in it. Pair it with brass oil lamps to bring out the traditional essence of Diwali or trace a shard of wonderland by floating some fairy berries magical LED lights.

Bamboo lights

Make unique bamboo lanterns by covering bamboo sticks with kite paper/ crepe paper of different colours and placing candles inside. Not only will this make your outdoor lighting look impressive, it will also prevent the wind from blowing away the candles.

DIY lights

Make inexpensive votive holders out of old jam jars and glass bottles. All you need to do is to place a t-light inside and it’s ready to be used. You can hang them on trees or place them on your garden bench.

Create a bottle full of lights by inserting twinkling lights inside a glass bottle. Place it on a mantle and switch on the lights to create a magical, glowy bottle-lamp.

LED display

Lighting candles inside the house may not be safe if you have kids around. But, don’t let it dampen your celebration. Use battery operated LED lights to your advantage to create unconventional, funky display of lights.

Line a row of LED candles on a carpeted floor and astound your guests.

You can use LED candles- set them to glow with a steady light or flicker like candle flame. Philips offers some amazing LED candles and t-lights, which are reasonably prized and come with a warranty of six months, so you can depend upon the candles for your Christmas decor and New Year party as well.

Votive holders       

Votive holders not only make your lights look more charming, but also prevent candle wax mess from spoiling your rich table cloth and marble flooring, thereby saving you some scraping and clean up. Use richly coloured glass candle holders to give your T-lights and candles a modern glow.

To create mysterious pattern of light and shadows, use intricately cut votive holders.

Solar powered lights

Decorate your outdoors and garden with these charming ladybug lights, this festive season. They’re solar-powered, with a separate solar panel so you can put them in the shade. They light up automatically when it’s dark, bringing a pretty glow to your garden with some eco-friendly energy.

Antique lanterns

Get some antique Moroccan lanterns in blazing jewel tones, which will bring a glimmer of mystery and a sense of nostalgia into your home. Place them in your patio and pair them with some silk cushions to create a look worth admiring.

Antique lanterns such as these look good even during day time when they are not lit.

Use your lighting to accent your Diwali decor and as decor in itself. Shop from a range that covers reading lamps to prop-up your nightly work, table lamps that come in contemporary and quaint styles, minimalist wall lamps and ceiling lights. Glass, steel, curved bases, handmade paper and fabric shades; our collection covers a variety of styles.


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